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Get a Poland Work Visa After Your Studies

Posted by : Brilliance Migration Services on Jul 02,2022 08:10 AM
Get a Poland Work Visa After Your Studies

Poland has many prestigious universities offering education to international students. After studying in Poland, every student dreams of continuing to stay in the country. You can opt to stay by applying for a relevant visa available for post-studies. Poland is a beautiful country with a lot of job opportunities. Students from other countries come to Poland on study visas and stay back on work permits.

If you are from European Union member countries, you can work without a Poland post-study visa or Poland Work Permit after Graduation. You have to make sure your stay permit is in order. You can stay for 2-3 years; for this, you must prove that you can financially support yourself without seeking government benefits. You can obtain a Poland Work Permit after getting a job or accepting employment.

If you are a Non-EU citizen studying, getting Poland post-study visas in Poland is easy and hassle-free. You must enrol as a regular student in a Polish higher education institution full-time program. You are allowed to work without a Poland work permit for full time during the breaks in Academic Institutes. During the rest of the year, you can work 20 hours a week part-time.

Poland Post Study Work Visa is required to extend your stay in Poland after your Studies. A study visa will not entitle you to work after your studies. You must apply for a long-term visa. It allows you to stay back in Poland for three months. It must be applied for through the Polish embassy or consulate, providing your enrolment certificate. The visa is valid for one year and can be renewed in a local administrative office. This visa allows only three months to stay after renewal.

To get a work visa post-study, you may adopt the below-mentioned ways.

Temporary Residence Card

When a visa’s expiration date is nearing, you can choose to apply for a temporary residence card. The document allows them to stay in Poland for three years. To become a temporary resident, you must give a valid reason to stay in the country.

Below is the list of the various common grounds if you want to apply for the temporary residence card:

      Starting or continuing work in Poland

      Serving as a notable highly-skilled employee (the Blue Card);

      Serving in the form of a delegate of a foreign company;

      Starting a business in Poland;

     Pursuing higher education studies in Poland (as well as language courses before studies);

      Academic research in Poland;

After getting a temporary Residence Visa, you can apply for a work permit directly.

Permanent Residence Card

You can apply for PRC if you have legally lived in Poland for at least five years of uninterrupted stay.

You must not have left the country for not more than six months and do not exceed ten months in total.

Naturalized Citizenship

If you have lived without interruptions for at least two years in Poland based on a permanent residence permit or a long-term EU-resident permit, have been married to a Polish citizen, or hold no citizenship, you can apply for Naturalised Citizenship.

It is easy to get a Post-study visa and work permit if you have completed higher education in Poland. Poland offers job preferences to academically highly qualified students through Polish universities.


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