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Enjoy Sailing This Season in Dubai With These 5 Interesting Ideas

Posted by : Mary Rowling on Nov 03,2020 05:24 PM
Enjoy Sailing This Season in Dubai With These 5 Interesting Ideas

It's the long weekend, and the last thing you feel like doing is Netflix and Chill. Window shopping seems boring too as you have been doing it almost every weekend. The kids and the spouse might have planned something equally mundane, but you are yearning for something more exciting and fun-filled!

Many of your friends have shared their yachting experiences, and their experiences thrilled your soul; now you wish to plan out something similar with your family, but how? You want to plan something different and exciting that would be fun for your entire family. You are not sure what it is that you can do in sailing and make your next vacation with your family the most memorable one.  

Sailing is not only adventurous but romantic and fun-filled too, and for kids, they have so much to learn and play. Moreover, it is a complete break, away from the chaos of bustling city life.

You are in the middle of the sea and no one to bother you! Just, you, your family and serenity that surrounds and comforts you! In this busy and buzzy world, when you get a place that can help you find peace, would you mind experiencing it? Definitely not! 

So, what are the different things that you can do? To spice up your Dubai yacht rental trip as you choose to go sailing this season, we have picked some beguiling ideas that you can include in your plan.

Dock and Dine in Complete Style

Is this sound so romantic? Either plan it out with your entire family or just your spouse, dock and dine option will leave you completely stunned. You can plan a day out on the sailboat accompanied by food and refreshments throughout the day. Or you could arrange a leisurely cruise combined with delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner in a restaurant or eatery of your choice, easily accessible from where you have docked your yacht. You can incorporate fun activities for both adults and kids on your cruise trip. Go sailing to places that have extraordinary dining places. You can also have cultural programs, local dance and music onboard. Just imagine the atmosphere, how brilliant it can be!

Attending an Event by the Waterside Will Be a Fun

Many events are organised at waterside parks or on a waterfront. You can choose to sail all the way to these concerts, exhibitions, sports events, festivals, cultural shows, etc. Reaching these event venues by boat makes them unique and special. Check for the nearest events in your city, book a cab to the closest available dockage for transportation. You can plan out your dinner on the yacht after attending the event. Make it a fun-filled experience for your family.

Long-Distance Sailings are Full of Adventures and Excitement

Long-distance sailing is romantic, exciting and adventurous! It can take days or even weeks, depending on the destination you choose for sailing. Whether you have booked a small yacht or a big one, it takes time to plan long-distance trips, and planning and organising make sailing all the more fun. Where to anchor, what activities to engage in, what to indulge in, the list is too long. All this builds the excitement before you leave the shore. Try to pick the options that will give you pleasant experiences. Do not forget to load the daily supplies and essentials, without which your trip might end up with disappointments.

Reconnect With Mother Nature and Relax

So you feel exhausted of the fast-paced city life? Try relaxing and reconnecting with nature at sea with the mesmerising seascape that surrounds you. The clean, fresh air in the middle of the ocean will help relax you and relieve you of all the stress of city life. As you watch the magnificent sunsets and sunrise, you will get to ease your mind. Take plenty of photographs to keep a record of what you do and see. Make sure you do not disturb the sea animals by trying to get too close to them, do not touch them or chase them. If you are travelling with your kids, it will be a great learning experience for them apart from all the enjoyment. Get acquainted with the nature around you.

Nothing Can Beat Adventure Activities

For all those who love adventure, will not miss this opportunity. There are lots of fun ways to spend your valuable sailing time with your family and friends. While at sea, there are countless adventurous and leisurely activities you can engage yourself in like, swimming, scuba diving, fishing, snorkelling, sea surfing, water ski and many more. It is always a great experience to be in the middle of the sea, and doing things that you had always fantasised. If you are taking your kids along, they will learn to appreciate their surroundings and nature more.


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